Dr Stein

Doctor Francis Stein has three degrees, one in biology, one in electrical engineering and one in bioweaponary. She would’ve had a fourth in Medicine, but after declaring “now that I have mastered causing death, I will now cure it!” in her first lab, Doctor Stein was thrown out into the wastes. This halfling is a jack of all trades, a master of none, including herself.

A bald figure in a long, stained white lab coat and big white wellie boots. Light green trousers can be seen as she lifts one knee to waist height. Her left hand is holding a box of crackers. 

Dr Stein's mouth is open in a wide smile, green eyes look off to the left, the colour mirrored by the goggles atop her head.
Dr. F. Stein, Rowan @Tundra Crafts

Dr Stein is played by Susie, who previously appeared in Abyss as 13