Halloween 2019: Dorohirsk

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Dorohirsk, formerly a small town in which the Royal family had a holiday retreat, is now a quiet village with little to relate. Until a top class beast hunter is hired to kill a vampire and isn’t heard from for several weeks…

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Each group that took on this challenge followed a differing path – as a number of time slots contain certain locations they can choose to go to. No groups chose the same path through the adventure, and most had different strategies and approaches to dealing with what they encountered.

Alternatively, you can listen to last year’s #OpenTheDungeon event episodes in Isenport

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Ep. 1 Saviours RPG

Saviours RPG are a group of friends who stream live on mixer every Sunday

Twitter | Youtube | Mixer  | Donbro’s Twitter | Terror’s Bees:

#AllTheHorror, Open The Dungeon, #OpenTheDungeon, All The Horror, Halloween, Penance RPG, Halloween 2019
Ep. 2 Beyond The Tavern

Beyond the Tavern are an actual play 5th Edition Dnd podcast 

Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Stitcher | itunes | Spotify | Player FM 

#AllTheHorror, Open The Dungeon, #OpenTheDungeon, All The Horror, Halloween, Penance RPG, Halloween 2019
Ep. 3 #AllTheHorror 1

Tonights Episode was the First of our #AlltheHorror Collab episodes, Although the original planned lineup changed at the last minute, the cast were all still fantastic

Pasuht – “Berca” Twitter | Twitch 

The Critical Bard – “Bartleby” Twitter | Facebook | Youtube |Ko-Fi 

Jake (theDMVault) – “Dirk Cannon” Twitter | facebook | Twitch | Youtube | Ko-Fi 

Ann Fox – “Hooweh” Twitter 
Her Published Books: The Cat That Caught The Canary” | “After Midnight

Josh – “Melville”
Twitter |Ko-Fi | Simons Says Play! Podcast 

Insuling – “Milo” Twitter 
As part of “PodPodCastCast” Twitter |Youtube |Podbean 

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Ep. 4. MFD 9000

MFD9k is a Multi edition D20 tabletop Podcast

Facebook | Twitter | Libsyn | Discord

Party Advantage podcast, Halloween, Halloween 2019, Dorohirsk, Penance RPG, #OpenTheDungeon
Ep. 5 Party Advantage

Party Advantage is a Homebrew meets D&D style podcast released biweekly on a Wednesday 

Twitter | Facebook | Youtube | Podbean | Apple Podcasts | Stitcher | Spotify 

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Ep. 6 #AllTheHorror 2

Dodl Huankind – Frank Eastman

From “the Work/Life Imbalance” Podcast:
Twitter | Website | Facebook | Instagram | Apple Podcasts | Stitcher | Spotify

“Feather on the Wind” & “Friedrich Mack” – Tom Witty & Ryan Sekac
From the “School of Schlock” Podcast:
Twitter | Facebook | Apple Podcasts | Libsyn 

“Lucas” – Ryan L. Terry
Twitter | Website 

” Strangway” – Tony
From the “Flicks XRayed” Podcast

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Ep. 7. Abyss Cast

This episode stars most of the cast from out Out Of The Abyss series which can be found on:

Shiraz & his art can be found on Twitter | Instagram 
Dragon is on Twitter

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Ep. 8. Dead Horse & Friends

“De De” –  Amy From Penance RPG

“Leo” – Gabriel from Scratticus Academy
Twitter | Twitch | Youtube 

“Jin” & “Glen Yago” – Lexa & Mike From the Dead Horse Podcast
Twitter | Apple Podcasts | Soundcloud 

& “Bella” – Lucy, the Editor for the “Crudely Drawn Swords” Podcast
Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | Stitcher | Apple Podcasts 

BomBARDed, Risk Management RPG, Lynne M Meyer, All Star,  podcast, Halloween, Halloween 2019, #OpenTheDungeon, Penance RPG, tabletop, gaming, Halloween 2019 Dorohirsk
Ep. 9. Risk Management RPG, BomBARDed & Lynne M. Meyer

Tonight’s Cast:
“Echo Song” – Steve Spalding From “Risk Management”
Twitter | Website | RadioPublic | Podbean 

“Izzy” – Lynne M. Meyer
Twitter | Instagram | Ko-Fi | #PawsandClaws on Twitch 
“Uncaged Anthology” “Friends, Foes & Other Fine Folk” 

“Rusty Shackleford” – Kyle from “BomBarded”
Twitter | Facebook | Podbean | Website 

LovelyCraftians, Halloween, Halloween 2019, Penance RPG, #OpenTheDungeon, actual play, podcast, UK, USA, Call of Cthulhu, Halloween 2019 Dorohirsk
Ep. 10. Lovelycraftians

Lovely Craftians are an all-female Call of Cthulhu actual play podcast from Chicago, USA.

Twitter | Website | Spotify  | iTunes | Patreon | Podchaser

Do or Dice, podcast, D&D, dungeons and dragons, Halloween, Halloween 2019, Penance RPG, Gaming, Tabletop RPG, ttrpg, actual play, Halloween 2019 Dorohirsk
Ep. 11. Do or Dice

Do or Dice is a D&D 5e real play podcast with an international cast of characters with differing levels of experience of TTRPGs.

Twitter | Website | Stitcher | Apple Podcasts | Podbay 

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Ep. 12. Collab 3

Tonight’s cast Features:

“Bertrahm Olivander” Played by Cinder Blocksally
Twitter | Instagram | “Monstrous Anonymous” on Reddit

“Feldora Tempest” Played by Anthrax

Unfortunately Anthrax has no social media links & we were their first recorded game. We will update this if they ever wish to have any links published in future

“Anerin” Played by Dragon from Penance RPG

Plummet, Penance RPG, #OpenTheDungeon, Halloween, Halloween 2019, Dorohirsk
Ep. 13 Plummet Cast

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