Lottie, a feline GELF, has vague memories of her time as a laboratory experiment. She remembers that there were tests and a nice older man who gave her candy. Her memories are a little hazy, she just remembers her creator being kind enough to let her escape when some other men came, smashing his other experiments to pieces. A keen eye with a scope and her felis tendencies give Lottie a natural grace and balance. She keeps her hood up most of the time while her long white human-like hair rests on her her shoulders.

A white and ginger tabaxi (humanoid cat person) sitting with legs half crossed. She is wearing a red hoodie with pink ears sticking out and blue shorts, with her tail laying over her left leg.

Lottie played by Amy, a long term cast member. She played Megara in Curse & Frankie in Plummet.