Irois grew up in more of a subterranean lake than a corporation. Some time ago, several aqua GELFs left other corps. to enjoy a more appropriate habitat. Their surprising success means that they are becoming overcrowded. So they reintroduced the eviction of those becoming adult. Crowding is a concern for many fish GELFs, whereas those with other genetic aqua blends are less likely to require population reductions.

An illustration of a slender figure with blue-grey skin and a yellow edged fin in place of a mohawk. The person is wearing form fitting grey bodysuit and sleek shoes, covered by a black bikers jacket with gold/brass zips. 
Several piercings dot their face and long elven ears.
Small eyebrows look like they might be fins.

Irois, having the genetic blend of elf with yellow and blue fin tuna, often did not fit in well with other aquas – as most were not predator species. To help overcome this, they learned to treat common wounds and illnesses. They are also largely suspicious of others and of several leftover societal norms. Not much of their elf heritage has much impact on Irois behaviorally, although they do posses distinctly elven ears. Their high stealth and dexterity could have come from either side as well as a childhood spent not alarming others.

A predatory air comes easily to Irois, but despite all their instincts they are one of the more level headed adventurers. The rest of the party trust them to do the talking!

The name Irois comes from the Breton coastal sea.

Irois is played by Dragon, a founding member of Penance RPG. Previous appearances include the Unnamed Rogue in the Original Series & T’riss Nitra in Abyss.