Curse 23 – Final Cast Thoughts Part 2

The final part to the discussion episode with the cast, this week AJ, Amy, Nikoli & Dragon discuss their thoughts on Episodes 9-19. 

This will contain SPOILERS for the original Curse of Strahd & discuss some of Nikoli’s decisions for adapting the story. On behalf of the cast and everyone at Penance RPG, thank you for listening and we hope you enjoyed this campaign.


The Cast:
AJ As  “Ozmand”
Lexa As  “Rosie”
Belry As “Karen Lebowski”
Amy As  “Meghren”
Matt As “Tubbs Groundswell”

And Nikoli as your Storyteller.

Where Can i Find more from the Cast?
You Can Hear More From AJ at “Pretending With Dice”

Lexa at “The Dead horse Podcast”

Or Even More from Belry, Dragon & Nikoli Right Here

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Matt is Also on Twitter at @EmJayEe

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and Finally, Here is Aj’s Sketch of the Swamp Witch Wearing the Dragon Skull.

Thank you and Goodnight.

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