New DMDave KickStarter! Pexia’s Guide to Omeria

Want some new exciting content that’s compatible with D&D5e? Plus support Penance RPG at the same time?

Upper half has an embossed leather background with multiple areas of text reading "Pexia's guide to Omeria. Welcome to a world on the brink of annihilation. Campaign sourcebook. Fully funded in 6 minutes." With the logo for D&D5e and DM Dave. Lower half is black with glowing yellow text reading "Live on Kickstarter".

Check out the newest kickstarter by DM Dave from $25(USD) for a full campaign sourcebook featuring a new class, subclasses and more! Additionally, there is a full campaign for levels 1-10 with a setting and intriguing backstory.

A tall image with 13 small boxes with an image and text in each. These are "Elementalist. A new player class", "Barbarian. Rasgax howler", "Bard. College of the Wanderer", "Cleric. Duality domain", "Druid. Circle of the Wasteland", "Fighter. Spearweilder of Arruquetta", "Monk. Way of the gun mage", "Paladin. Oath of the Stone Arms", "Ranger. Aspaethan of Witchhunter", "Rogue. Tadjuni merchant prince", "Sorceror. Imbued origin", "Warlock. Pact of the Borrower" and "Wizard. Remote traveller".

The new Elementalist class sounds fascinating, while a gun wielding monk could be a fantastic way to bring a new twist to your monk characters.

Of course, all of this content can also be be slotted into your home games or to add extra flavour to other published adventures.

This is an affiliate code, meaning that we will receive a small percentage of each pledge completed through our link to this Kickstarter. We are picky about what affiliate partnerships we enter into and want to only bring the best products to your attention.

In the spirit of the best products, we also have a discount affiliate code with DnDice. Dragon has selected some beautiful dice that go well with the 8 new pseudo-elemental gems in Pexia’s Guide to Omeria. Just use code ‘Penance RPG’ at checkout to get 10% off!

A collage of metal, acrylic, resin and gemstone TTRPG dice. Some show a few of the dice, others show the full set of polyhedral dice L-R: metal dice with inlaid enamel, bronze dice with green glitter enamel inlay, clear dice with blue and purple swirls, acrylic purple swirled dice, a grey box holding blue tiger eye dice, very pale grey acrylic dice with silver glitter, clear resin dice with red swirls and very shiny green metallic dice.

Phantom Pearl: White Bone Dragon
Emerald Odonburgitte: Green Chameleon Dragon
Summer Diamond: Kraken’s Wake
Sjelestein: Purple Punch
Vizier’s Tourmaline: Blue Tiger Eye
Silingfashi Shi: Smoky Sniff
Ruby Blutvekzelnite: Ruby Aether
Kalaptr: Ostium, Legendary Green Dragon

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