Episode 52 – One Bad-Ass Chicken

A New Addition, a Scarred-faced Fowl
An Inner Sense of Rage With a Vicious Scowl..

This week the Party set out to finally Deal with Jayne and take down the island once and for all!

What lurks at the auction this week?
Where have all the guards gone?
Will they be able to save any of the hapless adventurers?
Are those tents structurally sound?
Will Drumstick save the day?
How Powerful has Jayne become?
Can Jay manage to stop them?
and What truly exists beneath the island?

Also this week – Belry attempts to come to terms with married life, Cows are debated at length & Rivane’s Bad luck continues.

The final push, to hunt down Jayne
A Noble quest indeed, to end her sinister Reign
For This is a tale set to make the heart quicken
This week we bring to you: One Bad-Ass Chicken.


Editor Note: This episode may have slightly different sound quality from your usual PRPG goodness.
This is due to Ellie having to step down as part of our editing team due to her final year university commitments. Nikoli is still learning some of the audio balancing so it may not be as polished as when Ellie would do it. Hopefully you understand and we would gladly accept any feedback or suggestions on how to make the podcast better in future.
Thank you
Also before anyone Panics, Rivane is not leaving PRPG, Ellie is just no longer working on the editing side



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